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Benefits & Highlights
  • Satisfies Error and Omissions insurance requirements
  • A half century of specialized knowledge and expertise working with major studios, independent production companies and legal professionals
  • The most up-to-date, comprehensive data available
  • The best available protection against future legal claims arising out of use of intellectual property and other legally-protected material
  • A full range of research and clearance services for all of your entertainment and mixed media needs
  • Conveniently located in the Los Angeles area
  • Professional directories and associations are covered using extensive online & CD-ROM sources as well as the internet
  • Local phonebooks related to your script locations
  • Our cast library of newspapers, magazines, books, and trade publications
  • Federal trademarks applied for, or registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office
  • State trademarks applied for, or registered with each of the fifty states
The de Forest Report for Script Clearance
The de Forest Report, the oldest and most widely respected script research report in the industry, is available directly from Act One Script Clearance, Inc.
We will check your script for:
  • Names of characters, businesses, schools, organizations, product names, and locations
  • Materials that may be protected, such as film clips, books, photographs or artwork
  • Proposed prop use and/or dialogue that could be problematic
Web Site Clearance Report
Make sure you have all the rights you need for the materials posted on your Web site, and identify possible areas of misuse or infringement. This report can be used to clear both standing Web sites and episodic sites that require frequent clearance, such as those that follow daily television programs.
Clearance Services
Obtain the clearance you need to use a variety of materials, such as film clips, copyrighted publications, photographs or other works. Our staff is experienced in a variety of clearance assignments for film, television, CD-ROM and Web site projects.